About Chris Warnky >>


  • Experienced Coach (both in the business world for 33 years and now as a private Coach)
  • On the John Maxwell Team and in the program to be a certified coach, speaker, and trainer
  • Read and applied concepts from over 350 books on: coaching, leadership (both self and team),team building, productivity, effectiveness, communication, marriage, family, and budgeting
  • Has read the Bible almost daily for over 40 years
  • Adherence to the International Coaching Federation Philosophy of Coaching

Life Experience

  • Happily married to my wife for over 35 years
  • Great relationships with:

    • Our 2 adult children (30 and 32, who have not yet gone through the dreaded teen yearsthat people talk about)
    • Our immediate and extended families of both my wife and I
    • Friends and co-workers
  • A Christian for over 45 years
  • No debt at age 54
  • Retired from corporate world at 56

"A Coach is just the partner for you during this time, to help you move forward. "


Chris is a great coach. He helped me to learn how to focus on the right things, the things that I have the power to change or influence. I’ve been much more successful in my department due to my interaction with Chris.

Chris also helped me gain skills that I was able to carry over into my personal life. These skills have helped me to focus on the things that are most important to me.

John Eblin - Bank Project Manager

Chris is an excellent coach and motivator.He listens extremely well. What I like most when talking to Chris is that he goes beyond the day to day challenges at home and on the job and makes sure that I’m also moving in a direction that helps achieve my longer term dreams and aspirations. He doesn’t ignore the day to day challenges, but helps frame them in the context of the ‘big picture’ and what really matters in life. He then helps identify actions I can take that continue to move me in the right direction.

Dave Gerspach – VP Bank Project Manager

Chris has given direction to my musings, definition to my desires, processes to my thoughts and goals to my wishes. That to say I am a much better person, leader, father, and husband because of the influence Chris has had on my life. He has always spoken truth whether easy or difficult and I appreciate that along with his wisdom and concerns. I would endorse Chris and recommend him to anyone looking for someone to help them navigate through life's challenges and successes.

Robert Valtman – Church Executive Pastor